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As an international collective of artists and innovators, we have envisioned a beautiful setting where we can gather and realise true connection and collaboration beyond the virtual world. A pink castle appeared to us and we are in the process of manifesting our vision.

Casa… is a home, Bene*dix… is to be blessed.
Casa Bene*dix will be a soulful haven where people will come to learn, create and be curious.

Two By Two specialise in Creativity

Creativity helps us to feel youthful, energetic and renew our faith in life; alleviating stress, release endorphins, improve brain function and stimulate productivity. It allows us to express our joy and connect most deeply with ourselves and others and helps children express themselves, developing both their imaginations and their physical, mental and emotional strength.

What we do at Casa Bene*dix

• Offer classes, workshops, lectures, summits, conferences, retreats, welcome artists-in-residence and have opportunities for volunteers.

• With a holistic approach, we offer vibrant activities that focus on the Arts, Culture and Food.

• We bring an international and local community together to facilitate creativity.

.• We are inclusive and we welcome people of all ages.

Play and learning are like two wings of a butterfly – one cannot exist without the other.

Carla Rinaldi, President of Reggio Children

Where is Casa Bene*dix?

Casa Bene*dix is situated near the coast in Liguria, Northern Italy
just a walk or bike ride from Recco (1.2km) or Camogli (4.2km).

Buses or trains go from Recco station to Genova (20km),
Pisa and Milan (150km).

Our Ethos at Casa Bene*dix is to Slow Down...

With the climate changing rapidly and automation altering the future of work, we too must learn to change and shift to a more sustainable way of life.
Two By Two Creators believe that slowing down is key to this shift. Slowing our pace, in work and play, will help put us on a sustainable path.

The Slow Food movement, which also began in Italy, champions local, artisanal food and home-cooking against industrial-scale fast food. We want to expand this slow food attitude to life; as a way in which to diminish our carbon footprint and neutralise the adverse effects of a stressed and anxious world.

According to the OECD, mental ill health affects more than 1 in 6 people across the European Union in any given year. And it is costly, with a bill of some EUR 600 billion, or more than 4% of GDP, across the 28 EU countries. Two By Creators offer courses in the arts, and the many crafts and skills that can help improve mental health. Again the OECD projects that within the next 15 to 20 years, 14% of jobs will be taken over by artificial intelligence. How best to prepare for this? By upskilling the creative sphere exactly where robots are not as strong.

At Casa Bene*dix. you can SLOW DOWN; because the time it takes to make, is as important as what you make. Forget the useless gadgets that may, or may not, make our everyday lives easier. In our home at Casa Bene*dix, we can learn to make and create beauty; to inspire each other with useful skills so that we can enjoy the simple pleasures, like baking bread, making a cushion or a pot, cooking a delicious meal, singing a song, or writing a poem.


I think there is a great deal to the idea of not doing a thing, but that when you do a thing, you don’t do it in five minutes or in five hours, but in five years. I think there’s an element in the slowness of the execution that adds to the possibility of producing something that will be durable in its expression, that will be considered important five centuries later.

Marcel Duchamp





Our Vision

Art and Beauty can be sought out and found in everything we do. Far from being superficial, beauty enhances how we interact with each other and relate to the world around us.

As Two By Creators, we will engage responsibly in the community by designing hands-on creative learning experiences.

Casa Bene*dix is inclusive, for both local creators and guests from around the world to exchange, create and be inspired.


The quality that play and work have in common is creativity.
Play is called recreation because it makes us new again, it re-creates us We need a sense of flow, and being in the moment of play.

Stuart Brown, M.D.,clinical researcher, founder of the National Institute for Play and professor at Stanford University.


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