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Adventures to take us into Spring

Monthly one hour salons begin in January when we will explore the legends and stories surrounding chosen fairytales and flowers; the perfect combination of storytelling and papercutting.

Our curiosity also takes us on more in-depth studies and we begin the year diving deep into the world of love. We will be exploring love letters and tokens with Betty Soldi, searching for the scent of love with Caitlin Swanson and revisiting the world of Frida Kahlo and her passionate declarations of love with Alexandra Lawrence.

Love Letters and Tokens6th February 2021 more information/book
Food of Love12th February 2021 more information/book
Scent and Flowers of Love17th February 2021 more information/book
Marcovaldo Winter28th February 2021 more information/book
Violets10th March 2021
Frida Kahlo Love Letters21st March 2021
The Happy Prince28th March 2021


the secret messages of love

6th February 2021

The true essence of Valentine Day is true love when we reaffirm our love and genuine affection for one another; a reminder to write passionate words and heartfelt feelings.
Make tokens from hands to heart with words of Love, exploring the wonders of hand written and hand made declarations of LOVE. Let your hands write the words from your heart; listen to the rhythm and follow your heart.

Calligrapher extraordinaire, Betty Soldi will be joining us as we uncover the tradi- tions and culture of exchanging tokens of love.

2 hours online Zoom course at 11am CET / 10am UK


Combining our passions for Food and Poetry with conversations on Love

12th February 2021

Michelin-starred chef Daniel Galmiche will guide us as we make a vegetable cous- cous with love for your loved one; one of his signature dishes from the heart of French cooking. As Daniel cooks, his beloved wife Claire Galmiche will read and reflect on the words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning whose undying love for her husband was immortalised in her many love sonnets.

This heartwarming dish of poetry and love will be presented by Helene & Simone Bendix, sealing this food of passion with a sprinkling of their papercut magic.
…et Voila … ready to share the LOVE.

90 minutes online Zoom course at 7.30pm CET / 6.30pm UK


know thy scent, know thy sense…

17th February 2021

Perfume is a message… but what is the message?

One of the oldest uses of perfume comes from the burning of incense and aromatic herbs for religious, sacred and ritualistic ceremonies, often with aromatic gums, frankincense and myrrh gathered from trees. Worship moved from the collective to the personal, as people discovered perfume’s romantic potential and it was used both for seduction and as preparation for love-making.

Perfumer Caitlin Swanson will be joining us as we explore the notion of a scent for love while Two by Two Creators discuss its history and explore paper cut flowers of love.

90 minutes online Zoom course at 7.30pm CET / 6.30pm UK


storytime and creative paper cutting

28th February 2021

Marcovaldo is an enchanting collection of stories that are both melancholy and funny, farce and fantasy. Calvino charts Marcovaldo’s struggles to reconcile country habits with urban life, combining comical disasters with a surrealistic view of city life through the eyes of an outsider. As Marcovaldo chases his dreams, we are taken on a journey to recognise our own yearnings for reason, adventures and escapades.

Read by Isabelle Townsend, an actress who has created an interactive theatre pro- ject in English for French schools, performed with Irina Brook’s theatre company and currently working on a documentary based on ‘The Postman of Nagasaki’.

One hour online Zoom course at 7.30pm CET / 6.30pm UK

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