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Poetry Makers

We believe in beauty, conscious awareness and in connecting people.

With more than 30 years of experience between them as an architect, actor and designer, Helene, Simone and Kathy teach courses and collaborate with individuals, groups, museums and businesses. We create vibrant activities in the visual arts, theatre, music, dance, writing, gardening and cooking, helping others to express themselves creatively in all fields.

This has resulted in founding Two by Two Creators, a collaboration of international artists and designers. We work together to facilitate and cultivate creativity, as a social enterprise for artistic and creative growth

Helene and Simone Bendix

Born in Denmark and raised in Italy, Helene and Simone Bendix are twins whose lives have become increasingly interwoven into a collaboration of creative wonder. Helene trained and worked as an architect in Bordeaux. A move to Italy in 2004 led to both design and architectural projects for private clients around the world. She has illustrated books, worked on styling and idea creation for Marie Claire Idées, Elle Danmark, Elle Decor Italia and Elle Decoration Deutschland and La Repubblica, collaborated on weekly Creative Ateliers for children and creative workshops for the local community. Simone’s acting career began at 17, leading to television and theatre work in the UK, Denmark and France where she now lives. Alongside her acting career, Simone has worked on interior design projects, creating brands using her skills as both designer and innovator.

Helene and Simone’s creative worlds formally coalesced with the creation of Edition Poshette, a luxury illustrated small leather goods brand with its own world of imagination and style. Working together, they have designed interiors for award-winning hotels, private housing and educational environments, as well as creating exhibitions and museum workshops; working with both adults and children. Their book ‘Paper Poetry’ has been published in six languages around the world.

Kathy Miller

Born in Wales, Kathy is a typographer, designer, art director and photographer with broad creative experience. She has worked in publishing, packaging, brand creation and design for both international clients and small family-run, luxury brands. In 2005 Kathy co-founded Mama Mio, the first premium pregnancy skincare range, and in 2014 launched Mio, again creating a new niche brand delivering skin fitness to active women. Kathy was Creative Director for ten years until the business was sold in 2015.

Kathy’s design skills have been recognised with Design & Art Direction Silver and Gold pencils, Design Week Best of Show and Best Packaging awards and also several International Clio Gold and Silver awards.

Kathy works with an understanding of historical relevance and instinctive contextual thinking. With an analytical mind, she brings clarity to every project and applies her creative thinking with style and sensitivity. Kathy is currently working on bespoke pieces that combine language, words, art and material texture to interplay light with shadow.

Two by Two Collaborators
Synergy is inherent in all that we do together

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the relationship that the parts have to each other creates the most empowering, unifying and exciting experience.

This creative process is also terrifying because you don’t know exactly what is going to happen or where it is going to lead… it’s going to be thrilling. By bringing our complimentary skills together and sharing our stories, ideas can flow and grow exponentially.

The Two by Two collective are:

Betty Soldi
A calligrapher, designer and creative thinker with a multi-faceted approach to a constellation of imaginatively inspired projects, Betty is known for her emotionally compelling branding, bespoke visual arts projects, graphic design communication, lifestyle objects, stationery and packaging collaborations.

Alexandra Lawrence
An expert in the language and art of Italy, Alexandra has worked in journalism and international education as a lecturer of art history and contemporary Italian cultural studies. She is the founder of Forma Sideris, a space to initiate coversations about art, books and exhibitions, historical figures, places and magical realisations borne out of collaborations with other creative souls.

Kasper Winding
Composer, musician and producer who sees film and photography as an extension of his music. He is the founder of the ‘Hope Project’ to create a monumental building as a symbol of peace in Copenhagen’s harbour, working alongside architect Junya Ishigami.

David Singh
Artist, painter, writer and overall creative genius with roots in the English underground art-world of the 1990s.

Lucy Wadham
Acclaimed British novelist, best-selling non-fiction author and award-winning screenwriter and playwright, Lucy also lectures in Writing for Performance at the University of Cambridge.

Daniel Galmiche
French Michelin-starred chef described as ‘the champion of classic cooking with a contemporary twist’. He firmly believes in always using ingredients from local and sustainable sources.

Claire Galmiche
Facilitator, coach, teacher, director and actor, Claire is also an associate of 4Dhumanbeing, a company specialising in communication training programmes for leaders and senior managers.

Isabelle Townsend
An actress who has created an interactive theatre project in English for French schools, performed with Irina Brook’s theatre company and currently working on a documentary based on ‘The Postman of Nagasaki’.

Mara Zepeda Co-founder of Switchboard; company providing training and technology to colleges, universities and independent schools around the world to create empowered networks enabling people to help each other to lead strong, resilient communities. Supremely gifted calligrapher.

Caitlin Swanson
A scent ambassador with in-depth knowledge of the history, philosophy and language of sensory communication and one of the original founders of the perfume house, Aquaflor Firenze.

Ben Nason Photographer.

Rebecca Cotton Landscape gardener and artist maker.

Carla Mariani Architect and sculptor currently working with large scale water features for gardens.

Dr Patricia Price Emeritus Professor at Cardiff University, Professor of Global Burns Research at Swansea University, Health Psychologist and Fellow of Higher Education. CTE from Royal School of Needlework and Member of Society for Embroidered Work.

Eleanor Shannon Five rhythm dance and yoga teacher.

Justine Bromage Personal trainer specialising in floor based pilates and sports massage.

Samantha Price Mezzo soprano who has performed with the English National Opera and Royal Opera, also working in performance psychology.

Elias Schjerbeck Musician and songwriter working in music education

Philip and Melanie Sandeman Graphic design, film animators and architect.

Annie Bullen Teacher, specialising in the creative aspects of mathematics, making it fun and accessible for all, and also in education for children with special needs.

Helen & Isabel Rose Dancers trained in classical, modern and jazz.

Gareth Price Musician and songwriter, training in Qigong.

Mal Murray Quiltmaker, specialising in creative textile art including dyeing, printing and stitching.